Falling Empire, go to the Bunker pl…

@SKS We are sorry that we have targeted you. But excuse us because the reason is, in our evaluation you came out as number one fraudster. Complements… But yours is a falling empire. Go for hiding. The funny part is your team has not put any defence. Rather the insiders have approved our conclusions. We still want to give your team a chance as we are not prejudiced. If you or your group has any defence this is the best time to prevent you from going into hiding and do something to prove that you are not doing “nonsense science”. 

Thank you all our visiitors. We are proud to announce that our site has been visited by more than 25K visitors. We are kind of in financially crunch situation. Pl show your willingness to donate us to make it even better and scientifically more relevant. We would like to upgrade it to more user friendly site and convert this as a platform for debate and discussion to expose scientific plagiarism. But let us celebrate the unexpected viewership which is more than 25K in such a short span of time. Have a look at nanotech manipulation!