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SKM (part of BBA group) whose paper is already under investigations for allegedly fraudulent images is still a serving Scientist who is publishing papers profusely. Because of his background of alleged misconduct in Science to the extent that “he is labelled like father like son” we have now brought his publications into our purview. We have neither stopped following him in USA nor shall we stop to do that wherever he may go. Although we started our blog as “nanotechmanipulation” at this time we do not want to change the name. We have convinced ourselves that every figure is a nanomanipulation. It can be an explosive issue if we put them together. Another reason is our blog has been a highly accessed blog from every part of the world. It is loaded with so much of abusive or spam comments we shall soon shut down our website for a while for maintenance purpose. We are going to post a sample data from SKM group for your analysis. However, we never block any relevant comments, reviews or rebuttal. If we are proven wrong we shall rectify our mistakes. Let this spirit be there in every researcher as common people do not understand much science. But what they understand is Researchers in Government as well as many private organisations use taxation money. In that way they should act absolutely transparent and should have high standard of morals. Just like anybody they should be amenable to public justice system. So we have decided to spread our wings…..Strategically we have now decided the questionable images for public analysis. Afterwards we shall do our analysis. Eventually it shall become a flow chart. Final verdict will come with an editorial decision.


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