Congratulations Team Biomanipulation

We have to congratulate your BIOMANIPULATION team for your effort to bring more and more Researchers under Scanner. Is the updated postings from the same Institute?


One thought on “Congratulations Team Biomanipulation


    Dear Blogger,

    We really appreciate the ardent interest shown by you in our published work. Myself and my lab members would like to extend an open invitation to you and all, to visit our lab any time and have a look at the original data pertaining to the one in your blog, as well as any other data (including the data from the repeat experiments) that are generated in the lab by research work and are put forth for all publications from the lab. We are also ready to share our scientific inquisitiveness with you and anybody else at any point of time to quench any curiosities. Fabrication is not the essence of science and should be protested vehemently. However it should not be a blanket protest but should be rightly directed towards those that have repeatedly copy pasted published data and are even not trying to redeem themselves till date. We are hurt to see the impassive scientific community who have manipulated data and are killing the spirit and morale of those people majorly the students who really want to learn and do proper science with real integrity and not just have numerous publications and a degree to their credit. Be sure that myself and my students will keep the spirit of science alive by working and publishing more on the role of acetylated EVI1 (and other oncogenes which are of our interest) in leukemogenesis because we have shown by experiments (with several repeats) that EVI1 is heavily acetylated which is also supported by other groups.
    Thank you,
    SC and lab

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