Postings about Image Fraud

We shall continue to defend our positions on allegedly image fraud. But remember that we do not take the decision or give final verdict. Our job is to be communicators between experts in this field and our team of analyzers. Sometimes we make mistakes. But even without our analysis some fabrications are very much visible. That is the biggest mistake which the so called science-cooks leave as an easy job for the analyzers. Fabrication of data is a common phenomena and a crappy issue all over the world. We have taken up the challenges of exposing whatever possible we can without any prejudice. Nobody can escape from our analysis. We want to send a very important message to all the people who have interest in Science to think several times before publicizing their data rather for public analysis and appreciations, but never for publicity.


One thought on “Postings about Image Fraud

  1. We kompletely agree with your motto towards scientific kommunity.In support for such a noble cause, the link: will provide further proof of manipulations by other groups that do a mockery of science. Herein, one kan cum across fabrication of data that is done by excellent PS work.

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