We have decided to to not give any comment


One thought on “We have decided to to not give any comment

  1. I raed and analyzed all papers published by SKS group.
    My final and last comments are following:

    1. Acharya et al 2009 Biomaterial, the western blot figure is fabricated.
    2. Acharya et al 2011 Biomaterial, maximum figures are fabricated but some figure which has published is not fabricated.
    3. Das et al 2011 Acta Biomaterial, the FACS data is fabricated but he can change
    4. Das et al 2012, plos one paper western blot is not fabricated.
    5.Dilnawaz et al 2012 Biomaterial figures are fabricated and taken from Singh et al papers
    6. Singh and Dilnawaz papers have lots of figure similarty. Some fig has published before and same fig just changing the contrast in PS agin published.
    7. Singh et al 2012 Plos One paper, maximum data are hugely manipulated and fabricted.
    8. Singh et al other papers like Biomaterial, Acta..maxm data are similar to each other.
    9. Parhi et al 2012 act biomaterial, the data is not fabricated.
    10. Kundu et al 2012 Acta… the some fig manipulated and other is good.
    11, Mallarady et al paper data is vey less fabricated but they can correct it. Its very minor.
    12. Mishra et al paper has minor correction.
    13. Mohanthy et al, the paper has fabricated data
    14. Arya et al paper has similar fig to Acharya et al, previously published paper.

    This my over all cooment.

    Plesae if possible inform to the Editor of concern Journal because I never like fraud science. I am requesting to this website, please inform all this matter to concern Institute as well as concern Editor of Journal.

    Thank you

    Good Luck.

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