@Mr. Kanan

@kanan, Please be informed that we are not dumbs. You are posting your comments in different names. That is ok. We shall not disclose that. But do not pass any comment that we are insiders or outsiders. What is important is our observations and analysis. We want to display our analysis to the public with the hope that they will debate our’s with scientific disagreements. But you are not doing so. Please tell us where we have fault or deficiencies and guess what we as a team shall take the matter more seriously than you. If we are wrong we shall delete. But my friend, remember that you have to prove scientifically that we are wrong. We are simply mediators between you and or scientists like you and common scientifically matured audience. Make up your mind. Please be noted that we saw you defending heavily for Das et al, But it does not matter, you can defend SKS et al for the entiter fraud. Pl remember if you do not scientifically defend, we shall not publish your comments. Good luck.


One thought on “@Mr. Kanan

  1. Thanks for your comments. First of all I never like fraud science. I am giving only that comment where is right and wrong. I do not know you are outsider or insider but your way of writing telling you are insider and great enemy of SKS group. Thats why you are publishing scientific figure in non scientific manner. I am not defending any data either Das et al or anyone. I will give you company only upto truth not on all non scientific. I have also given my comment on Kundu et al paper. That paper has no same fig. How you peoples are telling that is same. We also know who are you and why you are doing thses things. If you allow mw then I will tell you whole biodata and your server address.
    So please before writing anything you think again and again. If you are good scientist then why you are not telling to SKS group to withdraw all papers.

    Thank You

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