We are surprised with many comments which are unethical and having no scientific values.

We are surprised with many comments which are unethical and having no scientific values. However we are publishing them as we also do not say that SKS is a fraud. You have to understand that we are dedicated to our job of establishing different groups as fraud. What we are doing is very simple we are posting the manipulated figures. After our posting of alsmost seventy manipulated figures if you think SKS group is the best please continue to do so. Just wait time will talk. We all are ashamed of what SKS group has done. But believe me he is one amongst many fraudulent scientists who have the habit of doing such things , no matter what you advise them. But we are diggeres. We never leave any task incomplete. But sorry, no more abusive comments. They shall go into trash just like any fraudster make his way into trash.

Man fabricates, God articulates.


One thought on “We are surprised with many comments which are unethical and having no scientific values.

  1. Really surprised by looking at the comments. Yes some are personal attack which I condemn but it is clear that they are done by some to drift away the readers from the actual issue. By the way, why is no one commenting on the write up or the concept of the paper. I am sure with so much of copy-pasted data, the concept of the paper has gone for a toss.

    Isn’t it great? You fudge-cook-copy/paste data at random and then get rewarded with grants fellowships, awards and what not. Truly said it happens only in ……..All of the above just in the name of science, sorry…. nano science. The University where Sanjeeb K. Sahoo is affiliated (with so much of wrong data I am not able to use the title “Dr”, as I am not very sure with that also) should start a three months of crash course on data cheating, so that everybody learns how to do that and then one can compete with the other until the human race with due course of evolution can find something else to compete.

    Oops! I am myself now drifting away from the debate. Like most of you I am also very angry. I think first and foremost sahoo should be fired and his lab should be sealed. Think about the amount of money that govt spend on his research activities and personal activities, which includes chemical, instruments, travels, patent application (all the nano peoples always go for it, he cannot be an exception), awards, lab space, students/his salary etc. All of the above just to cheat the system for your own personal gain. I know what drifters will say, “come on man it happens.” Just chill.
    But for how long one can be silent against this menace.

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