Request to you not to dump your team as they have worked as per your direction

@SKS, If you have used federal money such as RO1 to fabricate the data, be ready to use a lawyer who will defend you. Bec’s we are planning to go to Challenge you for misuse of taxation money. If you have used private donations you may escape as we found out that if the donor does not have any problem then the world has no problem. But, remember it is easy for us to dig and find out your RO1 grant. When we opened our box we found that you stand Number one from every angle of fabrication. We do not know you. When we are convinced that you are rather not a Scientist but a Cook we wanted to investigate and analyse your results. Please forgive us because we do not look at the name but fabrications and manipulations. We are exposing many great scientists. But let us clarify you that we do not consider you as a great scientist but a small cook who does not even know how to  cook. Forunately you are supported by great Scientists for which you are not caught. But why you think that it is guaranteed that you shall never be caught. Please make a judgement. Either you can practise yoga (Indian) or be a trash. Do something. We have lot of jobs in our hand. After this do not blame us that we did not give you warning.


2 thoughts on “Request to you not to dump your team as they have worked as per your direction

  1. In India, they do government funded projects in which final reports, anything can be sent and review committee will accept. This is because review committee will also consist of their community friends. So, you can not do any thing here. Post something else atleast which can entertain.

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