• Thank you our followers for your overwhelming supports and comments. We are unable to post all of your comments as they are filtered as spams which may be due to usage of unacceptable wordings. We are working on them. We are now confident that we have established our credibility by exposing the secretes with real evidence behind back to back publications from SKS group most of whom are a bunch of experts in PS artwork. We are now asking you few questions. Please try to post your answers. If you do not want us to publish them Pl make a request. We shall not publish them.
• We are unable to find out some answers before we proceed to inform some technical questions to the Editor-in-Chiefs of various Journals. The questions are as follows.
• Whether the first Authors are Postdocs, Graduate students or Technicians? If they are Technicians the responsibilities will go to the PI. Our fear is that, if they are in technical positions they can simply quit the jobs and they will avoid to face the trial for the fabricated data.
• Which University they are working for? We found that Institute of Life Science is an Autonomous Institute. What is the meaning of Autonomous Institute? We are unable to determine whether it is a University or something like a private organisation or a service oriented company.
• Is SKS the Chairman or somebody else is the Chairman? If he is not the Chairman then who is the Chairman? We want to communicate with him.
• How does the system work in India?
• Which Government/ private agency is funding his research?
• Was it that SKS used to be a postdoctoral fellow in BA’ lab in USA who is under investigation for his fraudulent data? If not, why his lab is focussed on curcumin?
• @Mr. Kanan, you have been defending Das et al paper without challenging our analysis. Please provide us the analytical report that Das et al papers are not cooked. Respond to our team’s analysis. We welcome you to challenge our findings not in writings but by providing real data.


2 thoughts on “Questions

  1. I shall provide you all the answers. I do not mind if you publish them. But please give me some time to gather all the informations.

  2. Sorry for late response. I am busyy in conference. But I will give you my input as soon as possible. But still I am thinking that all data are not manipulated. In science donot take personal revenge. I have also lots of this type of experience.
    I will give you reply as soon as possible.

    Thank You

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