@Mr. Bikash

@Mr. Bikash, Postdoc, Thank you for your comment. If you are an insider, can you provide us some informations? No students will do this type of manipulations without getting pressurized by the PI. Do you agree with us?


6 thoughts on “@Mr. Bikash

  1. I think so you are absolutely right !!!! that’s why he has only girls in his team and no boys, because he knows that if he pressurizes girls they can be easily moulded, however he has no idea what WOMAN POWER is. It’s time that the girls in his team comes up and speak out the truth…………………………………

  2. One thing for sure, no student will do this without pressure from the PI. I will not make any comment on boy-girl issue. Manipulation comes to pic. when one does not have right data at right time. PhDs/post-docs are extremely generous about publications bcoz the future professional settlement depends on that. So, I beleive the students under SKS accepted this pressure thinking about their future.

    All these papers should be retracted.

      • Honestly, I do not know how he does that. While doing post doc there, I was not in direct contact with him. The first authors are all graduates and post docs, not technicians.

  3. its absolutly right….. plz make immediate action against this group……otherwise its blame to Indian researchers

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