@scin, thanks for your unethical and unprofessional response. First of all when a paper comes to public domain everybody is entitled to look into the paper and extend their comments. If you are a real scientist prove that they are not same. We have analysed further and high resolution photographs are there for your analysis. Please stop giving us advice in favour of a bunch of people who are fabricating the data day and night. It is called as scientific plagiarism. It is a criminal offence. SKS has used public money to make fun of the scientific world. Most of his papers are rubbish. What do you mean by personal issues? Do you want to project that fabricated published data are personal issues? Do you mean to say that SCIENCE belongs to SKS only! Our job is not to do science but also to dig into unethical cooked data and carry out the mission to a logical end. I hope you understand us. The papers should be retracted by the request of the Authors. If it happens to be retracted at the request of editor that will look horrible. We are really amused to find your advocacy for SKS group when almost 45 fabricated data surfaced. Be patient and watch out what is happening next!


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  1. Yes Iam agree with this point. But some figures are not manipulated. i am expert in PS work. I didnot find the w blot of Das et al 2012 plos one and Das et al 2012 Acta biomaterial is fabricated. I also analyzed the W blot of Acharya et al 2009 Biomaterial paper. This W blot is cut and paste from some other paper. In case of Singh et al 2012 Plos one and Biomaterial paper, all w. blots are manipulated. In PS I found Singh et al had fabricated same W blot. I think,SKS group is 100% fraud except one or two peoples. I saw all paper of SKS group and found that the data and figures of Acharya et al and Singh et al papers are fabricated and manipulated. The Plos One (2012) paper of Singh et al is totally fraud and manipulated data.

    We must notify all these things to concern Journal of Editor and the paper must be retract.

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