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    • Acharya et al 2011 Biomaterial paper figures are not same. Just look carefully to upper figure (lower pannel) both left and right figure, you can clearly see the differene. I think you peoples must be belongs to non scientific community or you are working as technacian or you must have done your postdoc as a technacian. Thats why you do not how to analyze the data.

  1. i think Mr Kanan is close to Das et al as he is supporting the gye as a blind fellow. Sahu should be punish.

    • Mr Philip, can you tell us why Mr kanan is defending Mr Das? By the way who is Mr Das? It is all about investigations now. Be assured that once we start a mission we come to a logical end. Basically that is our profession. So pl give your input. Now we have stopped analysisng the data of SKS group. Almost everything is fabricated. Now the next step. We need a volume of informations. We promise, we shall keep it unpublished if you ask for. Team/ Nanotechmanipulation

      • Mr. Philip, I am only giving my input. I donot have any personal relation with anyone. If you are real scientist you can identify which figure is wrong or which figure is right. Please do not blindly post.

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