Thank you team

I am thankful to all of you for your extreme hard work round the clock and expert and impressive analysis of each fabricated image. I am proud of you.


4 thoughts on “Thank you team

  1. I donot think the Das M and Sahoo et al 2012 paper has sme figure. I took this figure and did PS analysis, I didnot find any similarity.

    • At least by disagreeing with Das M and Sahy et al paper you are agreed to all other fabricated data. Thank you.

      • Yes, I analysed all W blot of SKS group published paper. I found that Acharya et al (2009, 2011) Biomaterial and Singh et al (2012 plos one, 2012 Biomaterial) are hugly fabricated. These papers must retract or inform to Editor of concern Journal as soon as possible.

  2. These are incredible manipulations. Is SKS working in USA? If so in which Institute? Is he under investigation? By the way what happened to BA, SKM, SS etc? Can somebody update me? I want to write a story on all these fraudsters.

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