Cooking is not a bad thing. We all understand this is a great profession and needs originality and perfection.  Three different types of cooks are there. 5***** cook who know what they are cooking and nobody can challenge them for originality, taste and protocol. 3*** cooks know how to cook good food but also have the urge to undergo learning lessons to make more stars for them. The third type is crazy cook. They have no idea what they are cooking, they have no idea as to what all ingredients they need to use. Their only intention is not to learn and make sure that the outcome looks good, well decorated. They further move to manipulate to make it look more attractive. Believe us they even forget how they have cooked, what spices they have used and how they have decorated?  They are horrible, unprofessional, no  crave for learning  and repeat the same. But they get plenty of pleasure by looking at the decorated foods. Who cares about the taste. The good thing is that they feel like 7*******rred cooks. Hello bro, first prove that you are a cook with atleast a bit of originality. Otherwise you will be designated as a CrOOK. Have a good day.


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